Top Mobile App Development Companies in San Diego | California

Top Mobile App Development Companies in San Diego
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in California, San Diego, Sacramento,  | Top Mobile App Development Companies in San Diego, Sacramento, California


Founded in 2o11 with around 500 employees, Appster is a well established software development firm rendering outstanding results.It is headquartered at  Melbourne, Australia.The vision and mission of the company aims in-developing web for the greater ideas and innovation in the world.They tend towards executing and filling the gap between ideas along with ownership by taking responsibility.The company has created various technologies like hyve, Jager miester, Realister, Affynity, Ordr, Dead Air and many others. Appster majorly focuses on non -disclose agreements, former FBI directors advice, 24/7 security, Rapid concept workshop, Rapid Agile development, support and maintenance. It has own various prestigious awards like Webby Award, W3 Gold Winner, Davey Awards Gold winner, Gold Communicator Awards.Their performance has also been approved by various new channels like Today News, NBC News, SBS news, Sky News.

Key services & portfolio- App development App design Prototyping iOS Development. Android Development Mobile Apps Product Management. Quality Assurance I.P. and UX.

Offices- US Offices- San Francisco, New York | Australia Office- Melbourne | India Office- Gurgaon | USA Office- Atlanta.

App chicks

Founded in 2011 with more than 200 employees,They are committed, hard-working, intelligent who advocate for success. It is headquartered at  Sacramento, US. They devote themselves to getting  business 100% mobile so that customers will actually find  when they need . The App Chicks fully understand the importance of being seen in as many places as possible . When the customers work with the company they feel that chicks are dedicated to TRULY taking care of business owners.The App Chicks started its journey in 2011 when co-founders Carey and Jen . The  Firm have vastly grown in expertise, team, software, business, and ideas.The App Chicks enjoy an unstoppable joyride with more than 74% repeat clients and 63% referral business.With a team strength of 80+ and versatility in various web and mobile technologies, together the company has delivered  more than 300+ projects and bagged more than 10 million app downloads. The App Chicks customers continue to experience high level of support, even greater access to resources, and benefits from a company with an expanded multi-national presence.

Key services and portfolio-iOS Mobile App Design & Development| Android Mobile App Design & Development. Mobile App Strategy Consulting and Mobile App Design and Implementation.

Offices-US Office-Sacramento.

Major clients– FBO Connect, Crowd Source, Fresh Beet App,  Talkbot app, the Strep app, Dean Pchang, Confie, Ace and many others.

Innofied Solution

Innofied Solution is an Award-Winning mobile and web app development company. It creates stunning UX/UI designs, Web apps, Cross platform & Native iOS & Android Mobile apps and games.  It is headquartered at Kolkatta, India.A proud NASSCOM member started their journey in 2012, has a team of 84+ expert Product Strategists, excellent UX designers, and Developers who delivered over 300+ web and mobile solutions to the global enterprises to SMEs. Taking advantage of 5 years in web and mobile industry the firms code smiths delivers innovative solutions to give your business a jump start.  Innofied has won various prestigious awards like -* Award of Excellence in Mobile App Development from PRSI, India * Silicon India recognized Innofied as 10 Best Startup Mobile Development Companies.  The  Specialties of the company includes – Product Strategy: Wire framing, Mock-ups, Prototype & MVP – UX Design – Cloud based Web App Development – Cross platform / Native iOS & Android App Development.

Key services and portfolio-Product Development| Mobile Applications. Web Development.  UX Design.

Offices– US Office- Sacramento | India offices- Pune, Kolkatta.

Major clients– Cordial, Detopull, Barnoparichay, Skatedash,  AWL Wardmaster, Yelo motro, Fitnesspro, Viapool, Insight, Balade, Good Food, Traxsource, Max International, Shopeko, Beautytouch, Snapoorder, Tribeca Care and many others.


Founded in 2010 with more than 100 employees,Three29 is an  Website Design & Development agency . It is headquartered at  Sacramento, US. The company specializes in the strategic development of iPhone apps, websites and Android apps.  The mobile web is an endless and complex mass of messaging, products, and information  By breaking down the process and focusing on the specific needs of  clients and their customers they are able to develop skillful messaging along with content that are relevant.They pride themselves on designing and developing advanced, yet functional websites and mobile apps. Creating and implementing the strategies to engage and grow audiences for these products is just as important.

Key services and portfolio– Web Design| Mobile App Design. Mobile App Development. Digital Strategy| Search Engine Optimization. Email Marketing and Social Media Strategies.

Offices– US Office- Sacramento.

Major clients-Slenworks power pay, Safe Credit Union, Team Ride, Magilla, The Well Sac State, Nanny Me, Lion Akis, Snack Attack, Sellands, ESM prep, Sia For Kids, OBO, Sacramento, Business central, Ten 22, The Firehouse, Eskaton, Ella, Sma advance, Davis Down town, Sia, red Shoe Crawl, Mileit and many others.

Full stack labs

Founded in 2013 with more than 100 employees,Full Stack Labs is a an enthusiastic team of skilled web developers and business professionals dedicated to building beautiful, easy-to-use websites and web mobile apps . It is headquartered at Sacramento,US. They specialize in building mobile and web applications, custom business software solutions, integrations, web and UX / UI design, and general technology consulting. The companies code is built to the highest standards, using the latest technologies, and best practices. Full stack Labs main mission is to provide high-quality work at reasonable prices, and to constantly exceed our customers expectations.Their experienced team has over 30 years of combined web app development experience. From online marketplaces and platforms to SaaS solutions, custom business software, and chrome extensions.

Key services and portfolio-Software Development| Mobile App Development. Web App Development and Web Design.

Offices– US Offices- Sacramento, Alexandria, Barranguilla.

Major Clients– rizworks, Yaya, Bunk1, Classic Flix, Stormlogger, Paragon, Cytek, Table Bank, Roost Home services, Valleycan, Land seller, Mom kit, The Tundem Traveller, Next Economy, Real Val, Private Client, Prohub, Google Map Tool, Cell scope and many others.


Founded in 2009 with more than 200 employees,Apptology is a leading mobile application development and mobile marketing company. Unique in  service offering is a comprehensive suite of solutions for the mobile application industry targeted at any business size.  It is headquartered at Sacramento , US.The management team includes industry pioneers from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies working with and developing mobile, interactive and new media technologies. The 100 + person development team have created hundreds of applications for various companies around the world on all platforms. Apptology is a start-up technology company that has been developing custom mobile applications for over two years and has over 100 applications. The portfolio of the company which includes apps for businesses, games, entertainment, pizza ordering, calculators, directories, training, tourism and many more.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile App Development| ReadyBuilt Apps. Custom Apps and Mobile Marketing.

Offices– US Office- Sacramento | Europe office-  France |  North America Office- Canada | UK Office- London | India Office- New Delhi.

Major clients–  Siemens,  Hp, Suttechealth, Digital Health,  Essilor, Caring Zone, FMC technologies, Jama, American Screening, Palm springs Life, Comfort Inn and many others.

Uniwebb Software

Founded in 2011 with more than 50 employees, Uniwebb offer web design and custom software development, in addition to mobile app development, advanced SEO and social media marketing. It is headquartered at Sacramento, US. They also provide innovative content management system solutions, a feature we think will be an immensely valuable business tool by cutting costs, speeding up information flow and reducing your admin. They have an appropriate confidence in their craft websites are attractive and optimized their software are sophisticated and  written content are superb. It  delivers excellent and consistent results  early and often. Everyone promises these things, but the company has have the talent and expertise to back it up. Uniwebb also wants to emphasize  clients’ unique business and regional characteristics. The company wants to understand and promote what makes  company stand out.

Key services and portfolio-Web Development| Software Development. Content Management System and Portal Development.

Offices– US Offices- San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento.

Major clients– GSS Integration, Memobed Hybrid Mattress, California Vechile Vechile registration, Furniture Store Shapping Cart, California City Golf, Iphone App development, Lead runner, Injury esqunly, Qpons, Holly Scoop, Home Builder Punch List, resturant Web Resturant, Smart office. Net, wedding Portal Development, Pistevo, Smart, Vidio, Mobile task trcker, prime style LLC, Healthy pets, Prime Scuba and many others.


Founded in 2007, Intellectsoft evolved into an international, full-scale software solution development company with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Oslo, Helsinki and Minsk. Intellectsoft is an award-winning engineering company which builds, maintains and supports business critical applications for enterprise clients.

Key Portfolio / Services–  Enterprise software development, Enterprise mobility development, UX design, Cloud Computing, Maintenance and support work etc. // Worldwide offices  USA Offices –  Palo Alto , New York | London, UK |  Minsk, Belarus |  Oslo, Norway and Kiev, Ukraine

Major clients – Nestle, Bombardier, Land Rover, Clinique,Guinness, Jaguar, Harley Davidson, Universal, NHS,

Partners – Digital Edge, AppsFreedom, Swrve, Mobile Roadie, Pixellent, HelpCrunch


Sourcebits is a “design-led engineering” services company headquartered at San Francisco ( USA ) with offices in Bangalore and some European countries  and was  founded in 2006 by Rohit Singal. Since then this company has made significant name in app development industry around the world. Infact they are bit selective in choosing their clients. It primarily focuses on mobile app development along with app marketing and business strategy .  In 2014 it get acquired  by Globo PLC

Key services and portfolio : Mobile Business Strategy, Enterprise Mobile Design & Development, Responsive Web Design & Development, Consumer Mobile Design & Development, Product Lifecycle Management, Mobile App Development, Android App Development, iPhone & iPad App Development, UI/UX Design //


Major clients : Bank of America, Disney, GE, Intel, MIT, IBM, P&G, Hershey’s, Coca-Cola (CokeCheers), Powerade, Fossil, Bobsled (for T-Mobile), Skyfire, Peel, TwitPic, Chef’s Feed, Lullabytes, Launch (crowdfunding app for Launch 2013 event), Boy Genius Report

Worldwide offices: USA office – San Francisco ( California) and  Palo Alto ( California) | London ( UK) | Bangalore, Karnataka ( India ) | Halandri ( Greece)

Capital tech solutions

Founded in 2010 with more than 50 employees,Capitol Tech Solutions specializes in providing complete technical solutions, with the goal of allowing you to grow business.  It is headquartered at Sacramento,US.They have expertise in several web-based technologies and will make  business thrive on the web. It focuses on providing  with a web-based infrastructure that not only facilitates business. Capitol Tech Solutions gives  customer base an easy interface to interact . It builds solutions that are easy to use, visually appealing, and work well. The company has provided solutions for several industries, including politics, non-profits, associations, PACs, and small businesses. It aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction by rendering hand to hand solutions.

Key services and portfolio-Website Development| Mobile Applications. Social Media Marketing. Custom Software. Digital Marketing| Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Optimization. Content Marketing| Logo Design.Graphic Design. Website Analytics. eCommerce| Shopify. WordPress. PowerSchool. NationBuilder| Online Stores. Online Marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation.

Offices– US Offices- Sacramento, Houston.

Major clients– The Patriots Initiative, El Dorado District Attorney, Vogt Silversmith, Power School, California Medical Association, Miatown Dental Website, Puskkins Bakery, Bronco, Bar u Rach, Mc Hugh, Koepki & associates, CJ & Associates, Effie year Sac Nature Center, Lecture Source, Most Ergo Shopfy website and many others.

Hyperlink Infotech

Founded in 2011 with more than 200 employees, Hyperlink infotech is one of the leading app development company. It is headquartered at Gujarat, India. They hire dedicated staffs having experienced criteria.The company provides services like client-centric development, data backups, agile development, data protection, excellent support. Their primary objective remains in providing valuable services along with 100% customer satisfaction.Hyperlink has been praised for its performances by various media platforms like CNBC News,, The Street, Yahoo finance. They have own GESIA  and ISO 9001: 2008 certification for their successful performances. The company offers customized solutions based on the expectations of the clients and the products delivered with high quality at cost-effective rates and at specified times. It has a good and proper coordinating partnership between the company’s intramural internal environments and emerging external IT surrounding.

Key services and portfolio- Android app development Iphone app development. Windows app development and Website development.

Offices- US Office- Sunnyvale | India Office- Ahmadabad  | Australia Office- Sydney

Major Clients- CN Network, Google, Viacom, SBS Discovery, Disnep, PAPAJOHNS.

Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in California, San Diego, Sacramento | Top Mobile App Development Companies for StartUPsin San Diego, Sacramento, California

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