Top Mobile App Development Companies in Orlando | Florida

Top mobile app development companies in Orlando
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa |  Top Mobile App Development Companies in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa

Simform llc

Founded in 2007 with more than 200 employees,Simform LLC helps enterprises unlock new growth opportunities using Mobility, Internet of Things(IoT), Business Intelligence and Analytics.  It is headquartered at Orlando, US.They bring in a proven track record of an engineering user experience driven cloud and mobile solutions with hundreds of applications for companies ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to successful startups.  Mobility Services is focused on helping companies redefine their customer experiences using mobile apps. The company seamlessly integrates mobile enterprise apps into their traditional workplace to fuel business processes and workforce productivity.  Internet of Things Services helps enterprises bridge the physical-digital divide. The abundance of connected devices, platforms, and data from field devices makes it imperative for enterprises to quickly adapt their business.

Key services and portfolio-Enterprise Mobility Solutions| Internet Of Things (IoT). Business Intelligence (BI)| Predictive Analytics.Native/Hybrid Application Development| Cloud Migration. Mobile Testing. API Development. SaaS/PaaS Product Development  System Integration.

Offices– US Office- Orlando | India Office- Ahmadabad.

Major clients– Alexandria Investment,Free wire Technologies, Accent Technologies, mission Rabies, Rep Inc, GFSC Group Inc, Transaction logistics, Push Inc, Fyul Inc, Doggy Bnd, Drizzle Labs, Ed Life, Footprints Tours and many others.

Camber Creative

Founded in 2014 with more than 150 employees,Camber Creative is a fully-distributed interactive consultancy specializing in app design and development for iOS, Android, web, and IoT.  It is headquartered at Orlando, US.Their expert team of digital nomads collaborate from all across the USA to design and build digital products that not only delight and enrich the lives of their users, but also produce meaningful business results .The clients span a number of industries from bootstrapping entrepreneurs to small-to-medium businesses and multi-billion dollar enterprises. Camber Creative  thrives on an obsession for designing and building digital products that matter. Whether it’s a B2C app, internal enterprise utility tool, B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, the next innovative wearable or IoT solution, or anything in between the firm has the experience and insight .

Key services and portfolio-app design, app development| software development and agile app development.

Offices– US Office- Orlando ( Florida,USA )

Major Clients– Joox Music, Party Tutor, To eat List and many others.

Echo Interaction Group

Founded in 2009 with more than 100 employees,Echo  Interaction Group is an award-winning app development company.  It is headquartered at Orlando,US.They are committed to developing cutting-edge strategies that create dynamic experiences for end-users around the globe. The passion for innovation and excitement about contributing to the future of mobile technology drives us to constantly push ourselves. Every day the team revolutionizing the ways that people connect.The Company  works day and night for customer satisfaction providing proper time to time solutions is the one and only objective of the firm.

Key services and portfolio-iOS and Android Mobile App Development| Graphic Design. Social Media Strategy and Implementation. Measurement and Tracking Analytics for Mobile Apps. Web and Social Media. Cause Marketing |Multicultural Advertising. Public Speaking on Industry Topics and and more.

Offices-US Office-Orlando ( Florida,USA )

Major clients-Dr Philips Center, Fdot, Ford, Goco, Hello,Lincoln, Mossey, Piper, Great Seal Of State of florida,Travel tab, Voxx International Corporation and many others.


Founded in 2012 with more than 50 employees,TEEPS is passionate team of designers and software engineers .It is headquartered at Orlando,US. They transform businesses through mobile.Through the life cycle of every project the company considers the best way to build a piece of software that meets the highest standards of design and development. With a strong consideration of business goals, a talented team of creators, and thorough knowledge of  craft they produce mobile applications that serve a purpose and are enjoyable to use.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android, Windows)| Xcode. Objective-C. iOS, Android SDK. Java.PHP. MySQL UI Design| App Flow. Programming and Graphic Design| Wireframing. MVP.

Offices- US Office- Orlando ( Florida,USA )

Major clients– Orlando Magic, Orlando health, U breakifix, Code School, Haulzi, Mode, Hearmy voice, Chill Billy, Cross werd and many others.


Founded in 2006 with more than 100 employees,Concepta, Inc is one of the best and leading mobile app development companies in Orlando Florida. It is headquartered at  Orlando in the State of Florida US and specializes in custom applications for the enterprise. The portfolio includes multiple Fortune 100, 500, and Franchise 500 companies and multiple Top 20 apps on both iTunes and Google Play. They are committed to assisting  clients with carrying out complex Mobile and Web projects delivered on-time and within scope.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile App| Web Development. Software Development. Business Analysis and Project Management.

Offices-US  Offices- Orlando, New York , Brazil.

Major Clients-Walt Disney World, GE Imagination at work,, Fema, Warner Music Group, Tracfone, ACM Awards, Ariana Grunde, Blue and many others.

Ucrya llc

Founded in  2016 with more than 200 employees,UCRYA llc  is a trusted leading global software application development industry. It is headquartered in Orlando,US.The company has years of experience in quality of Information Technology Services and Solutions to the clients across the globe. They assists their clients to build software products, application and projects that drive revenue growth. The mature methodologies and cost-efficient delivery model enable us to effectively handle software, Application products, and projects of any scale and complexity. UCRYA has been recognized and accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2016. The company’s service offerings – Innovate, Maximize & Accelerate and Elevate — address the entire Software/Application Product & Project development lifecycle, delivering clients tangible results at every phase. They have deep domain expertise in the IT, Finance, Banking, Telecom, Retail, E-Commerce, Travel, Energy and Automotive industries. The company consistently goes beyond its client’s expectations by bringing together technology, Applications, talent, innovation, and the highest quality of standards. UCRYA has extended their list of services and solutions since 2016 to offer High-End Business Process Management.

Key services and portfolio-BPM| Mobile. IoT. Staffing| Software Application. Cloud Solutions and Training.

Offices-US Offices- Orlando ( Florida,USA ), Mexico.

Major clients- Life Science, Healthcare, Telecom, Financial Services, Retail, High tech software, Media & Entertainment.

SoFriendly Designs 

Founded in 2011 with more than 150 employees, SoFriendly Designs has vast experience that turns users into loyal champions. It is headquartered at Kissimmee,US. Their carefully designed experiences will help  retain more users, boost engagement, and increase lifetime revenue from these customers. The company is an entrepreneurial design team with a love for designing unique, groundbreaking products. The team members are makers and creators are fully efficient to realize customer need and turn their dream into reality. So Friendly Designs overcome each and every situation by handling situation providing instant solutions to their customers.

Key services and portfolio-UI Design |UX Design. Product Design| Front End Design Development. Software Design. AB Testing. Converstion Rate Optimization. UX Audit Optimization.Marketing Strategy| Growth Hacking and Engagement and Retention Maximization.

Offices– US Offices- Orlando ( Florida,USA )

Major Clients– Oha Rating, Chdr, Fangage,Eventbot,, Mobile patterns, Syrup, groomnd, Passion List, Cost consent, Joox, Drizzle sms, Crypto Clerks, A Beautiful Men, Georgia Pacific, Marriott, Google, UpdateZen and many others.

SGS Technologies LLC

Founded in 2003 with more than 200 employees,SGS Technologies LLC, a Florida Corporation, is a leading software development company. It specializes in custom software applications, website design, web development and programming services and products. It is  headquartered at Jacksonville, US. They  recognize that many companies claim to have these values. However SGS Technologies stand on  reputation of loyalty and responsiveness. SGS Technologies has successfully completed government projects for the State of Florida, JAXPORT and the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. The firm expertise in  Software Application Development Mobile Application Development Web Hosting Services Testing Services Web Designing SEO Services IT Consulting Services .The SGS SharePoint Consulting team has gained substantial expertise, including early development efforts. Their team provides a complete cycle of end-to-end consulting from planning to implementation of SharePoint Solutions.

Key services and services- Software development| Website Development. Web Design. Mobile App development. Digital Marketing| Testing Services. IT Staffing and many others.

Offices-US Offices- Jacksonville, Texas, Virginia, Tallahassee | India Office- Coimbatore.

Major clients– Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, GSA Schedule,  Jax Chamber, Florida State Ministry Supplier and many others.

Smarty Digital

Founded in 2000 with more than 150 employees,Smarty Digital is a rated digital ad agency and has successfully developed over 1,000 websites and digital marketing campaigns.  It is headquartered at Jacksonville, US.They use a personal and unique approach that provides bold digital solutions. It has a team of experts that are very creative and develop ingenious and innovative web sites, internet marketing campaigns and smartphone apps. The company can accomplish all of your online business goals and  clients successful track records are proven examples.

Key services and portfolio-web design| digital development. social media marketing| seo branding. web management.

Offices– US Office- Jacksonville  ( Florida,USA )

Major clients– Royal Spa, Sue Layton, Lesea Broadcasting, Moore, Arties, Clickward, Smart Salf, Breezer,
United Transportation, Wthr,  999 Gator, Dynami Card and many others.

Elyk Innovation

Founded in 1999 with more than 100 employees,Elyk Innovation specializes in designing, building, and maintaining responsive custom web applications and websites for businesses, organizations, and non-profits. It is headquartered at Jacksonville, US. Elyk Innovations deft and skilled strategists can also add value to existing website through search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management, and email & social media campaigns. The team comprises of dedicated hard working as well experienced employees working day and night  for customer satisfaction. They solve each and every problem with their unique methodologies achieving profits.
Key services and portfolio–  Web Design| Accessibility. Web Applications. Mobile Websities. Andriod Apps.
Offices– Jacksonville ( Florida,USA )
Major clients– Spotlight, Chamel Partner, Passion, ,Hotel & Hospitality,  Commercial Water proofling, Creative Messaging, M2, Seniors Guide, Ohio pure water company, Queens Harbour, CCPAC, SBRN, Sonoran sales, International Baler corporation, Superior Construction, Historical Archives, Welcome to Woodbine, Jaxport, Elder source, Employ me first, Guardian Trust, Administrative Law Services, The Jacksonville and many others.

Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa |  Top Mobile App Development Companies for StartUPs in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa

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