Top Mobile App Development Companies in Europe

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Europe
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Europe, UK, France, Germany | Top Mobile App Development Companies in Europe, UK, France, Germany


Founded in 1997, Globo empowers the mobile enterprise by enabling employees to work and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. It also extends the enterprise’s engagement with customers and partners. It is unique in offering both complete Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Application Development products and services. Globo Plc ensures data security, app and device management, app design and development and is also a expert in consulting

Major clients – Intel Corp, Adobe , Cisco, Bank of America, Samsung, P & G, Citroen, University of Maryland, Coca Cola

Key portfolio / Services –  App development and delivery services mobile app development platform business mobile apps  mobile device management, mobile productivity and collaboration  end to end security mobile application management and development , Web development, Enterprise Mobility Management, Mobile Application Development Services, Digitization solutions, Platforms and Operation of Wireless networks, Software platforms for Mobile Communication, Software Platforms for Organizational use |  Offices –  USA office – New York, Canfield, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Pittsburgh. | UK office – London |Greece office – Athens | India office – Bangalore |  Singapore | UAE office – Dubai | Cyprus office – Limassol

Key people / Team – Patrick Costello ( VP of Sales, Western Europe ) , Paul F. DePond (VP of Business Development ), Nikos Giannakakos (VP Sales & Channel Development  ), Aggelos Grypaios (VP of Business Development & Marketing ) , Keith Higgins (Chief Marketing Officer, North America ) , Giannis Loussidis (VP of Sales, SEMEA ) , Dr. Vassilios Pallios (VP of Mobile Business Solutions ) , Mittal Parekh (VP of Product & Strategy ) , David Poduska ( VP of Product Development ) , Dimitris Protogirou (COO, North America ), Gary Rogers ( VP of Sales, North America ), Ioannis Zarifis ( VP of Research & Development )


Founded in 2009, Nomtek is a mobile app design and development agency founded in 2009 with track record of several applications topping the application store listings. Their package includes designing the app for business value and usability, software development, testing and maintenance, publishing and project management.

Major clients – MutterElbe, MarleySpoon,Steganos, MyHammer,Momox, Eleiko, Intel, Yelp, Onet, Deutsche Telecom, IFR, JustFab, Ringieraxel Springer, Pons and others

Key portfolio / services – Mobile application development Web application development UI/UX Design Mobile post-development marketing | Offices – USA office – San Francisco | UK office – London | Poland office – Wrocław

Key people / Team  –  Dane ( software developer ) , Lukasz ( software developer ), Odie ( Ios developer ), Aleksander ( ios developer ), Daniel ( ios developer ) , Mateusz .p ( Android developer ), Krzysztof ( Android developer )


Founded in 2007, Intellectsoft evolved into an international, full-scale software solution development company with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Oslo, Helsinki and Minsk. Intellectsoft is an award-winning engineering company which builds, maintains and supports business critical applications for enterprise clients.

Major clients – Jaguar, Harley Davidson, Universal, NHS, Nestle, Bombardier, Land Rover, Clinique,Guinness

Key portfolio / services– Mobile App Development, Web Development, Enterprise Solutions, Startup & SMB Solutions, Android App Development, Support and Maintenance, iOS App Development, Software Developement, Software Development, Product Strategy, UI/UX Design, Staff Augmentation  | Offices – USA offices – Silicon Valley, California , New York | United Kingdom office – London | Belarus office – Minsk | Norway office – Oslo | Ukraine – Keiv

Partners – Swrve, Mobile Roadie, Pixellent, HelpCrunch, Digital Edge, AppsFreedom

Key people – Paul Bach (Chief Executive Officer ), Artem Kozel ( Chief Revenue Officer), Nick Lastovenko ( Chief Technology Officer), Tamara Hryshchaanka ( CFO) , URI Soroka ( COO), Dennis Shpakouski ( Managing Director, Norway), Shawn Sieck ( VP of Sales,UK )


Founded in 2007, Fueled is a product-driven venture-development firm that works with a range of startups and big brands to create compelling, successful, award-winning apps and websites since 10 years . Their mission is to help entrepreneurs, whether solo or part of a thousand-person company, build and scale their business. They help people perfect and realize their visions for digital products.

Major clients – Conde Nast, , Crayola, Inlist, Ideeli, Ribbon, JackThreads, CharityBuzz,, Uniqlo, Vince Camuto, Copart,, ,, MTV, UrbanDaddy, Bulova, ICUC, , Kapture, Elevatr , Discovery Communications, HBO, Matchbook, Chatwala,Happify, QuizUp, Barneys, American Express

Key portfolio / services– iPhone Apps, Android Apps, product design, Product development, Web Design, venture capital, Digital Product, UI/UX, UI, UX, Technology, Startup, Enterprise, Consumer products | Offices – UK office- London  | USA offices – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles

Key people – Rameet Chawla ( Mobile Archietect), Ryan Matzner ( Director, Business development ) , brian kaplowitz ( Head of operations ) , Yann Wanner ( Account manager lead)

Nodes App Development 

Founded in 2008, Nodes is a leading app agency specialising in developing awesome mobile apps for business. They have a team of nearly 100 professional  developers, designers and advisors all passionate about apps with offices in London, Aarhus and Copenhagen. They also worked for leading companies such as Carlsberg, Hiscox, E-boks and Abellio and take pride in building value creating business utilities and consumer products. Their favorite industries they want to work for are Pharma and healthcare, Telecom, Financial services, FMCG, Media and publishing, Automotive, Technology . They also worked for many successful startups notably for Grip,FanMode, Billetto, Drivr, Mygassi, Seasonal Cities

Major clients – Samsung, Abellio,Q8, Carlsberg, BMW, GSK,Loreal, Lego,Unilever, Citroen,Allianz, Velux,Deloitte, IATA,Ironman,Mindshare, Mediacom |

Key portfolio/ services – Strategy and Concept, App development for Android Ios and others , Software solutions , App marketing, UX Design, Testing and Quality check, Analytics and evaluating  | Offices – UK office – London  | Denmark office – Aarhus and Copenhagen

Lets Nurture 

Founded in 2009 , LetsNurture Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an IT Outsourcing company that has a proven powerful track record of catering to an array of industries making it one of the leader in app development industry. Their commitment to excellence has brought a smile on the face of everyone right from the start-ups to big industry players .

Major clients – 1click 3D Print, Marwaha group, Vitness RX,, TheBlueSky Group, New Age, Skiva, CII, Trion

Key portfolio / services – Web Design & Development, Mobile Applications Android / iOS, Social Media, Ecommerce Development, Search Engine Optimization, Consulting, Online Reputation Management, Branding, Conversion Optimization, Wearable Apps, Beacon Development | Offices – USA office – Seattle and New York |UK office – West Yorkshire | Australia office – Sydney | India office – Ahmadabad

Hedgehog Lab

Founded in 2oo7 with more than 200 employees, Hedgehog Lab is an award winning computer  software company .They  believe in  building amazing designs that helps tech startups building user interface with innovative ideas. It is headquartered at  New Castle,UK.With small 1-man startups to FTSE.250 and Fortune 500 companies they have established themselves uniformly.Their mission remains in becoming the best PC technology consultancy in the world.Caring more about clients  than awards and appreciation stays the main objective of the firm. Hedgehog primarily focuses on world class solid technology, builds apps and software people love to use, turning customers into fans.The company helps brands & enterprises prepare for a future dominated by post-PC technologies. It specializes in working with our clients on Innovation & R&D on mobile & emerging platforms.

Keyservices and portfolio-iphone developers mobile developers android developers ipad developers. mobile web mobile strategy mobile user experience smart tv apps. iphone apps ipad apps android apps tv apps virtual reality. augmented reality and mixed reality.

Offices- UK Offices- New Castle, London | USA Offices- Austin, Boston | India office- Hyderabad.

Major Clients- BOOTHS, NESN, BIC, RAC, EAST COAST, THALES, HULT, POLICE, CMC Markets, NWG living water, Santandar, Enggland Rugby, bm, REckitt BEnckiser, Camping and Caravanning Club.

Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in Europe, UK, France, Germany | Top Mobile App Development Companies for StartUPs in Europe, UK, France, Germany

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