Top Mobile App Development Companies in New Orleans | Louisiana

Top Mobile App Development Companies in New Orleans
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in New Orleans, Baton Rouge | Top Mobile App Development Companies in New Orleans, Baton Rouge

Revelry Labs

Founded in 2012 with more than 50 employees, Revelry Labs is a mobile App developing company.The firm is partnered with Corporate Innovation teams to test ideas quickly, implement solutions  without any of risk. It is headquartered at New Orleans, US. Their software and product engineers are able to bring automation tools and a proven sprint process to your business, organization, or corporate innovation team.The company has a experienced  and dedicated team of employees working day and night for customer satisfaction.The firm  uses latest technologies to perform its each and every business operations.

Key services and portfolio– Innovation sprints, Custom software Development, Startup Studio.

Offices- US Offices- New Orleans, Chicago.

Major clients–  Trackable lead Generation, Spacewalk, Webline, Maritant, Redox, twenty Echo, Plant bid, Lidcore, Texas File, Whetstone Education, Grace hill, Hack studio, Entrescan, Readwrite, Maritant, Shutterfly, SGS and many others.


Founded in 2011 with more than 20 employees,A startup named Radolo is forming in New Orleans that will change the way business unit executives solve problems in large companies. It is headquartered at New Orleans,US.   Additionally, many of these organizations have inadequate IT resources (quality and quantity) to address widely divergent departmental needs and have multi-year backlogs. Cloud based applications are rapidly gaining acceptance for applications in nearly all industries. This includes domains such as accounting and healthcare where they were once thought unlikely to gain traction. Cloud based solutions offer the advantage of no maintenance required by the customer, rapid ramp up times, and simpler migrations to new versions of underlying technology. Another major advantage of cloud based apps is the ability of departmental managers to procure these solutions and achieve success.

Key services and portfolio-Business Applications, Cloud based applications, Business Solutions, Avoiding Corporate IT, Custom Development.

Offices– US Office- New Orleans.

Major clients–  Aptify, American Dental  Association, Align App, Rasa App, New orleans Fish house, Asae small Steps App and many others.

Smashing Boxes

Founded in 2010 with more than 200 employees,Smashing Boxes lives and builds at the intersection of business value and technology.  It is headquartered at Durham, UK.While striving to bring innovative ideas to life, they help companies to grow and evolve by intrinsically linking  success to  client’s success. The company designs & develops for Web, Mobile, and Connected Devices.It includes clients from small startups to big organizations.Smashing Boxes uses up to date latest technologies to  perform and operate all business operations. Its only aims  is to provide 100% customer satisfaction  overcoming every barrier in its path.

Key services and portfolio-Ruby on Rails, User Testing, iOS Development, Analytics, Android Development, Data Driven Development, Web Development, Content Strategy, CMS, Branding, User Experience Design, Digital Strategy, IoT, Firmware Service, Service Design.

Offices– US Office- New Orleans | UK Office- Durham.

Major clients– Tech + Tecxtiles, CRNT,Healthcare trchnology, Powering Global Change, Farm Bureau, Phononic, Actual ID, Meet Maestro,Cisco, Citrix, Cenduit, EmployUs, Fidelity, Harvard University, Duke, Valley Forge, FHI360, Dude Solutions, Glen Raven, and many others.


Founded in 2005 with more than 200 employees,Flatstack accelerates product development for startups. For early-stage startups, it helps founders build a rapid MVP for customer validation and fundraising. It is headquartered at New Orleans, US. For funded startups the company helps scale the technical team by adding leverage to their in-house engineering stack. Their customers are startups. Flatstack has worked with several startups from inception through growth to acquisition. The core values of urgency, ownership and alignment with the business goals carry through all of  client relationships. The company offers two types of engagements- Blended Stack – Full-time blended resource of RoR, FE, Java, Design & iOS  Integrated Stack – Full-time senior dedicated team-member with required skills & experience.

Key services and portfolio-Web development, Ruby On Rails, iOS, Javascript.

Offices– US Office- New Orleans | Europe Office- Russia.

Major clients– Vacay Pal, Mail Tracker, Dog Daycare, Projects Climate, Rewards, Koodbee, Dataavail, Source Clear,Link Generator, Legally, Kid and coe, Fushwe, Meetjune, Premium Parking, Evolution, Secur Edge, Investwall, Capital Partner, Korston, Launch pad, BBox,  Yamsafter and many others.

Touch point

With more than 50 employees, Touch point is  a digital marketing agency based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Their goal is simple to bring more business to small business through effective digital marketing strategies. It lives in a world where most people today discover and research businesses through digital means. So as a small business, it’s imperative that it positions  to take advantage of those customer touch points, and that’s where we come in. From website design and search engine optimization to social media and mobile marketing everything  it does growing customer base and your business.The main focus is on helping small businesses those that depend upon attracting local customers in order to succeed.  Touch point prides themselves in  ability to create effective and affordable marketing solutions that meet the goals of small businesses

Key services and portfolio–  Web Design, Web Site Analysis, Search Engine optimization, Local Seo, Mobile Marketing, App development.

Offices–  US Office- New Orleans.

Major clients– David Tompkins Photography, Ambrose Garden Florists, Green Glass Lawn Care, B& B Flooring and many others.


Founded in 2008 with more than 10 employees, Contingasoft aim  is simple and focused.  Software can be complex and painful the person is not dedicated to the craft. It is headquartered at New Orleans, US. Every aspect of  company is committed to developing software faster, smarter, safer and easier for  clients. Applications for small to medium sized businesses and organizations are  primary skill. Over eight years of experience has lead us through projects in the medical, banking, legal and other specialized business fields. With each of these projects the firm has gained a detailed knowledge of each customer’s field and needs to deliver a final project.Their mission is simple and focused: writing software.  Every aspect of our company is committed to developing software faster, smarter, safer and easier for  clients.

Key services and portfolio-software, databases, applications, php.

Offices-US Office- New Orleans.

Down River Design

Founded in 2010 with more than 10 employees,Down River Design is a Mobile app development company.The firm  is located at New Orleans, US. They are founded on providing small, medium, and large private sector clients with both programming/development and marketing services. The business model is based on the fact that nowadays much of programming and development work can be outsourced to firms outside of New Orleans . Down river design has a total package cost comes in at a discount to the competition with proven high quality work.

Key services and portfolio-Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, Application Design & Development, Marketing Strategy & Implementation.

Offices- US Office- New Orleans

Mud bug media

Founded in 1998 with more than 50 employees,Mudbug Media is a strategic design and development agency.It headquartered in New Orleans, US. It employees smart and resourceful professionals. The company has staff  that includes specialists in graphic design, web programming and application development. It also has development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing and media buying. They develop interactive communication initiatives to achieve business objectives. The core values of urgency, ownership and alignment with the business goals carry through all of  client relationships. The  firm believes in delivering  services with innovation and latest updates.Their staff includes specialists in graphic design, web programming and application development, mobile application development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, media buying, and integrated marketing campaigns. The company  develops interactive communication initiatives to achieve business objectives.

Key services and portfolio-Web Design, Web Technologies, iPhone and Mobile Application Development, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Ruby on Rails, Email Marketing.

Offices– US Office- New Orleans.

Major clients– Kroll Style Guide, Taleflex Anesthesia And Respiratory Catalog and many others.

Linking Arts

Founded in 2003 with more than 10 employees, Linking Arts is  a mobile  development company. And they all about content  that’s what get up in the morning, and that’s what will make  project rise above the rest. It is headquartered at New Orleans, US. Strategy, creative services, Web and mobile development and design, SEO consulting are all the things done by the firm.The team members try to overcome each and every problem through ideal  methodology.They work with startups, events, businesses and everyday visionaries. It began with the idea that  work is about the people they work with, their stories and their goals. The company uses technology as a vehicle.  Their artistic vision  enables  to create creative web and mobile solutions for business goals.

Key services and portfolio-web development, mobile development, user experience design, it consulting.

Offices– US Office- New orleans.

Major clients– Starbucks Coffee, Celestial Seasonings, The ideal Village, Aviator Nation, US national Park service and many others.

GCL  Direct

Founded in 1990 with more than 200 employees,GCL Direct, with its unique, non-scripted approach to telemarketing and related telemarketing services It is headquartered at Birmingham,United Kingdom. The Company has for over 25 years established an enviable reputation for providing winning lead generation results to B2B clients in the UK and internationally. GCL Direct are a well-established, successful B2B telemarketing company.They  utilize  experience in telemarketing services to specialize in providing tailored campaigns for B2B clients across a variety of sectors including: It & Telecoms Logistics & Materials Handling Professional & Business Services Specialist B2B and SME Telemarketing Services.

Key services and portfolio-telemarketing| marketing. sales. new business| lead generation. appointment setting. database building. seminar support | channel recruitment. reseller recruitment. comany profiling.

Offices– UK Office- Birmingham .

Major clients– IBM, Iron Mountain, KPMG,Lifesize, MAPR, Mitic, Ordnance Survey, Pitney Bowes, Rentokil Initial, Sage, SAP, Itravel Lodge, Vinci, Winshaw, Reed Exhibitions, Briggs, Card Tronics, Vilvo, Emc, BMc, SMC, BSI, Bt, Critigom, Doosan, Abode, Atlas, Barracuela, Honeywell, Canon and mnay others.

IMO Agency

Founded in 2012 with more than 200 employees, IMO Agency is a digitally focused advertising agency. It is headquartered in Birmingham,United Kingdom. Their role as an agency is to poach an advantage for  clients. They help clients to improve their business. The team members do this by using simple ideas, lots of elbow grease and great creativity.  A customer doesn’t care how and by what means the product gets delivered they just remember the impression  the firm creates. The firm’s category specialisms span automotive, retail, healthcare, B2B, finance and entertainment.Customers satisfaction remains the one and only objective of the firm

Key services and portfolio-Digital Advertising | Advertising. Umbraco. Experiential marketing| Magento. PPC. Sitecore| Photography.

Offices– UK Office-Birmingham.

Major clients- Yorkshire Water, Yorkshire Loves A binner, Built Around You Yumove, Arriva UK Bus, Cafe Diract and many others.

Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in New Orleans, Baton Rouge | Top Mobile App Development Companies in New Orleans, Baton Rouge

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